How do you store gift wrapping?

How do you keep gift wrap from unrolling?

The Trick to Keeping Wrapping Paper Tidy

…and cut a slit down one side. Slide it over the wrapping paper. Done! This keeps your rolls from unrolling and it won’t rip or damage the paper the way elastic bands or tape can.

What can you use to successfully keep wrapping paper rolls from becoming a mess?

Use a piece of tape to secure the loose end of each ribbon roll between uses, to keep them from unwinding while in storage and everything getting tangled together. Use a gift bag to store other folded gift bags, bows, gift tags, and even your scissors and tape to keep everything together in a convenient area.

How do you hold wrapping paper together?

Store rolls of wrapping paper easily by fitting tension rods between shelf supports; hang scissors and tape from the shelf with little hooks so they’re always easily accessible.

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