Can I gift my Microsoft balance?

Can you gift your Microsoft Money?

No, it’s not possible to gift Microsoft Points. You can gift someone by purchasing Microsoft points at the store and giving them the code, but you can’t gift points on the actual xbox.

How do I transfer my Microsoft balance to another account?

There is not a way to transfer an existing balance directly. I’d recommend using the balance to purchase a gift card and redeeming on your account. You could also make the purchase on the family members account as a gift, and gift the content to your account. There is not a way to transfer an existing balance directly.

How do I spend my Microsoft balance?

Use the money in your Microsoft account to buy stuff from Microsoft Store . Go through the regular purchase steps. When we ask how you want to pay, select Microsoft account.

Can you use a Xbox gift card on multiple accounts?

Hi, no it’s not possible to share a gift card with 2 accounts.

Can you use a Microsoft gift card on Amazon?

Yes, you can. When you purchase a $10 xbox gift card here, you can then go apply it to your microsoft account on, and use that money in your account to purchase a 1 month gold subscription card, plus like 20 or 30 cents in tax. Ryan S.

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Can you withdraw money from Microsoft account?

Sorry, but there is no way to remove money from your Microsoft account balance and transfer it elsewhere.

Can’t use my Microsoft money?

If you’re showing the funds in your account and are not getting that prompt, I would recommend trying these steps:

  1. Clear your system cache.
  2. Restart your console.
  3. Download your profile.

Can you transfer Microsoft account balance to PayPal?

You can only use PayPal to pay directly for what you buy with your Microsoft account, but you can’t send money to PayPal!

Where is Microsoft pay available?

Thanks to a tip from a OnMSFT reader (via Aggiornamenti Lumia), Microsoft Pay is available to use at any online store that supports the “Payment Request API” in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Pay already has some stiff competition on iOS and Android; with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.