Which gift card has the highest rate in Naira?

Which of the gift card is more expensive in Nigeria?

Footlocker Gift card

It has to be the most expensive gift card at the moment. The demand for this gift card is very high but the supply is low. This makes for a high resale value. You can sell a Footlocker gift card for about 32000-35000 Naira.

How much is $100 Apple Card in Nigeria today?

According to Cardtonic.com, $100 gift card is within the range of #22-26,000.

How much is Nike card in Nigeria?

Currently, a $100 Nike gift card costs between 25000NGN to 35000NGN.

How much is $50 dollar in Nigeria money?

Are you overpaying your bank?

Conversion rates US Dollar / Nigerian Naira
5 USD 1940.00000 NGN
10 USD 3880.00000 NGN
20 USD 7760.00000 NGN
50 USD 19400.00000 NGN

How much is $50 Google Play Card in Nigeria money?

Currently, your $50 physical Google Play card is 15,500 Naira while the E-code is 12,500 Naira. You rest assured of the best rates whenever you are ready to trade as the rates fluctuate regularly because of the market.

What is a good amount for a gift card?

You want to give an amount in the gift card that seems appropriate. General etiquette is usually under $20 for casual acquaintances, like co-workers, $30-$75 for close friends and family members and more for someone like your spouse or for a big occasion, like a wedding.

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How much is American Express gift card in Nigeria?

At the moment, American Express Gift Card costs around 30,000 to 50,000 Naira.