What is a fun way to wrap a gift card?

What do you wrap gift cards in?

You can also make small paper envelopes or make a felt envelope for your cards. Place the gift card in the envelope. Make sure that the card is facing the back of the envelope so that the recipient will see what kind of gift card it is. This is an easy way to wrap and unwrap the surprise!

How can I hide my gift card?

Simply insert an empty paper towel roll inside a mason jar and fill the empty outer space with candy. They’ll think they’re getting a jar of candy, but inside is an even better surprise. Candy AND money in one package is a match made in heaven.

How do I make my gift card more interesting?

From traditional gift wrapping to origami paper, we’ve made a list of the best gift card wrapping ideas for you below.

  1. Thematic Wrapping Paper. …
  2. Newspaper Cartoons. …
  3. Ribbon. …
  4. Origami Paper. …
  5. Small Baggie. …
  6. Cloth Bag. …
  7. Gift Card Box.

How do I make my gift card more personal?

6 Ways to Make a Gift Card Feel More Personal

  1. Pick a card for a specific store you know they love. Are they into baking? …
  2. Present it within a gift, like a small wallet. …
  3. Pick a unique way to wrap it. …
  4. Include a page of suggestions that you think they’ll love. …
  5. Put together a gift basket. …
  6. Write a heartfelt note.
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What do you say when giving a gift card?


  1. With special thanks and much appreciation.
  2. Sincere thanks for your extra efforts.
  3. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated so much more than words can say.
  4. With sincere gratitude for all you have done.
  5. You’re the best!
  6. You made my day!
  7. It was a pleasure to work with you.
  8. Thank you for thinking of us.

Is it safe to put a gift card in the mail?

While there’s always a risk involved when you send something in the mail, mailing a gift card is much safer than sending cash, plus, if you take a few simple steps, you can pretty much guarantee your gift will arrive safe and sound. Make sure your gift card is packed well to avoid it being damaged or stolen.

How do you hide gift cards from mail?

Consider using a padded envelope. Select an envelope that is strong enough to hold the card or attach the gift card to a thin piece of cardboard. Place an extra label or notice on the gift card with the delivery or return address; this ensures the safe return should the outside label become damaged or fall off.