What gift cards do Target carry?

What gift cards target buys?

Target will exchange gift cards from more than 600 brands, including Old Navy (GPS), Cheesecake Factory (CAKE), Tiffany & Co (TIF), Staples (SPLS) and Pottery Barn (WSM).

Can a Target gift card be used on Amazon?

Target GiftCards can only be used in Target stores and online at Target.com as of 2021. However, Target GiftCards can be used at Starbucks, CVS, and Target Optical, as long as the store is located within a Target. Unfortunately, Target GiftCards cannot be used at Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, Walgreens, etc.

Does Target cash gift cards?

Will Target give me cash for my gift card? While Target will not pay you cash for your unwanted gift card, you can easily sell your gift card online instead. … While you can find a gift card exchange kiosk at the grocery store or in the mall, selling your gift card for cash online usually provides the biggest payout.

Does Target take gift cards for cash?

Target won’t let you return your gift card for cash unless required by law, but the company offers a trade-in program. This program allows you to exchange your unwanted gift card with a balance on it for another gift card.

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Do Target GiftCards work anywhere else?

Target GiftCards can be redeemed, for all or part of their value, anywhere in a Target store or on Target.com. Target GiftCards can be used: … At CVS Pharmacy within Target stores.

Does Walmart sell GiftCards for Amazon?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not sell Amazon gift cards as of 2021. Walmart views Amazon as a direct competitor, which is why Walmart does not sell Amazon gift cards. Customers can instead buy Amazon gift cards from stores including Krogers, Whole Foods Market, Sears, USPS, Walgreens, and Staples.

Can I buy a Target gift card at Walmart?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not sell Target Gift Cards in-store or online at Walmart.com as of 2021. Instead, customers can buy Visa Gift Cards at Walmart, which can be used at Target. Additionally, customers can also buy Target Gift Cards at Walgreens, Kroger, and Rite Aid.

Does Walmart trade gift cards for cash?

Walmart is offering a promotion targeting the unwanted gift card crowd this year, allowing consumer to trade in their cards to more than 200 retailers for one to the big box store instead. … Under Walmart’s exchange program customers can only receive up to 97% of the original card’s face value.

What gift cards can be cashed out?

Easy Ways to Convert Gift Cards to Cash

  • Use the Visa Gift Card to Pay Your Bills. …
  • Sell the Gift Cards. …
  • Buy Money Orders. …
  • Emergency Disposal Options. …
  • Trade-in Your Card at a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk. …
  • Give out the Visa Gift Card as a Gift. …
  • Jour Cards Store. …
  • Buying Products to Resell.
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Does Walgreens sell Target gift cards?

Yes, most Walgreens stores sell Target gift cards as of 2021 in-store in denominations of $25, $50, and $100, along with open denomination cards of $15 – $500. The availability of Target gift cards varies from store to store, and these are not available online.

Can I trade in Starbucks gift card for cash?

To exchange your unwanted gift card(s) for a Starbucks Card eGift: 1. Go to cardcash.com/starbucks. … *If an offer is available, you’ll see the Starbucks Card value you can exchange for with this gift card.

Does Amazon buy gift cards?

We pay for trade-in items with Amazon.com Gift Cards issued for the value of your trade-in. Following appraisal and acceptance of your trade-in items, we apply the Amazon.com Gift Card value to your account.