Question: What can Target gift cards be used for?

Can a Target gift card be used on Amazon?

Target GiftCards can only be used in Target stores and online at as of 2021. However, Target GiftCards can be used at Starbucks, CVS, and Target Optical, as long as the store is located within a Target. Unfortunately, Target GiftCards cannot be used at Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, Walgreens, etc.

Can you use Target GiftCards on electronics?

Target electronic gift cards can be used to purchase merchandise at any Target stores throughout the United States or on You cannot use Target eGift cards to purchase Visa and American Express gift cards. Additionally, it is not permitted to use a Target card to purchase a prepaid card.

Can you use a Target gift card to get cash?

Target GiftCards cannot be redeemed for cash or credit except where required by law. … Physical Target GiftCards can be returned in store with a receipt if unused.

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Can you use a Target gift card for Starbucks?

Target GiftCards can be used at Target stores or on, and Starbucks gift cards can be used at the in-store Starbucks register.

Do Target gift cards work anywhere else?

Target GiftCards can be redeemed, for all or part of their value, anywhere in a Target store or on Target GiftCards can be used: … At CVS Pharmacy within Target stores.

Can I use a Target gift card to purchase another gift card?

Target GiftCards are solely for use at Target stores and on Target GiftCards cannot be used to purchase any prepaid or specialty gift cards.

Do you have to activate a Target gift card?

Physical Gift Card: Physical third-party gift cards purchased at Target are activated at the time of the purchase. However, check your receipt, as some receipts state a 24-hour activation period. Digital Gift Card: Digital eGift Cards purchased on are active when the eGift Card email is delivered.

Can you use an eGift card in stores?

In most cases, store and restaurant egift cards can be used both online and in their physical stores, but that is not always the case. And Visa® are only usable online, over the phone and anywhere else that a “card not present” transaction is allowed.

Can you use Target gift card to buy Visa?

Visa, Mastercard, or American Express Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, Target GiftCards or other specialty or prepaid cards. … These gift cards aren’t reloadable and they are not offered in bulk.

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How can I get cash for my Target gift card?

Once you’ve checked your remaining gift card balance, you have several methods of cashing in your Target gift card.

  1. Sell your gift card online.
  2. Exchange your gift card.
  3. Resell items from Target.

How do I transfer my Target gift card to another account?

Target App:

  1. Access your Target account in the Target App.
  2. Select the Wallet tab.
  3. Select Add within the GiftCard section.
  4. Select Add Gift Card.
  5. Scan the Target barcode on the back of the Target GiftCard or input the gift card number and the access code to add it to your account.

What gift cards can be cashed out?

Easy Ways to Convert Gift Cards to Cash

  • Use the Visa Gift Card to Pay Your Bills. …
  • Sell the Gift Cards. …
  • Buy Money Orders. …
  • Emergency Disposal Options. …
  • Trade-in Your Card at a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk. …
  • Give out the Visa Gift Card as a Gift. …
  • Jour Cards Store. …
  • Buying Products to Resell.