How do I use a Home Depot gift card?

Where is the PIN number on a Home Depot gift card?

Scratch the silver coating off the back of the card to access the Home Depot gift card’s personal identification number, or PIN. You will need this PIN to purchase goods online with the gift card or to check the balance.

Do you need an ID to use a Home Depot gift card?

You’ll have to supply photo ID to prove yourself. The change does not affect Home Depot gift cards which can continue to be used in-store or online, even by someone else.

How much can I put on a Home Depot gift card?

Is there a dollar limit on my The Home Depot Gift Card? The Home Depot Gift Cards can be purchased in amounts ranging from $10 to $500.

Can I buy a Home Depot gift card with a Home Depot gift card?

Customers cannot use Home Depot gift cards to buy Visa gift cards as it opposes company policy. Additionally, you cannot pay for loans, tool rental deposits, or in-home purchases with a Home Depot gift card.

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Can I use a Home Depot gift card at Walmart?

Wal-Mart Allows Customers to Trade in Gift Cards From Other Stores Such as Lowe’s, Home Depot. … Home Depot and Lowe’s gift cards are among those Wal-Mart is accepting.

Can you use a Home Depot gift card online?

Gift cards cannot be used to pay for online, phone or any gift card purchases. Check your balance or get any other information about this card at any The Home Depot store.

What forms of payment does Home Depot accept?

Home Depot accepts a number of payment methods at all of their locations across the US, including:

  • Debit and credit cards from issuers, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.
  • Home Depot Consumer Credit Cards. …
  • Personal checks. …
  • Cash. …
  • Home Depot Gift Cards.

Can someone else use my Home Depot store credit?

Home Depot Store Credit cannot be exchanged for cash. Additionally, Store Credit cards are linked to individual customer’s photo IDs, meaning the Store Credit cannot be used by anyone else. … To check the Store Credit balance, you must go into the store as this can no longer be done online.

Can I split payment on Home Depot?

Shop what you love from The Home Depot, without breaking your budget, when you split your purchase into 4 smaller payments with Klarna.

Does Walmart trade gift cards for cash?

Walmart is offering a promotion targeting the unwanted gift card crowd this year, allowing consumer to trade in their cards to more than 200 retailers for one to the big box store instead. … Under Walmart’s exchange program customers can only receive up to 97% of the original card’s face value.

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What is the Home Depot gift card number?

Locate the 19 digit card number on the back of your gift card. You will also need the 4 digit identification number.

Can I buy a Home Depot gift card at CVS?

Unfortunately, CVS does not sell Home Depot gift cards as of 2021. CVS does, however, sell other types of gift cards for entertainment, shopping, and leisure activities. Customers can purchase Home Depot gift cards directly from Home Depot both in-store and online, or via a pre-loaded Target eGift Card.

Where else can you use a Home Depot gift card?

Both plastic and eGift Cards have no fees or expiration dates and are redeemable at any The Home Depot store or online at