What are good baby shower prize gifts?

What prizes do you get for a baby shower?

Giving out prizes also helps make the competition more fun, and gives the winners an extra reason to smile. Have at least one prize per game you plan to play.

Baby Shower Prize Ideas Under $20

  • Coffee Lover’s Prize Set. …
  • Spa Day Prize Set. …
  • Gift Cards. …
  • Box of Chocolates.

Are baby showers usually on Saturday or Sunday?

Best Time of Week for a Baby Shower

Many hosts opt for a weekend date to host a baby shower. Weekends are often ideal because less people have work scheduled and are able to attend. Saturdays and Sundays are also the time-honored choice, so more traditional mothers will likely prefer this option.

Should you open gifts at baby shower?

Should we open presents during the shower or after? … “Depending on the size of your guest list, gift-opening can go on and on, and a shower should really be three hours long at the most,” she says. And, of course, even if your guests insist that a thank-you note isn’t necessary, you should always send one.

Is it OK to give money as a baby shower gift?

While guests can give cash gifts without violating shower etiquette rules, expecting moms and shower hosts should never request cash or expect money from invited individuals. … If a guest asks when she RSVPs, the host may offer the option but even then asking for money only is in bad taste.

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What is the best time of day for a baby shower?

Best time of the day

Although tradition has given way to different options, the best time to host a baby shower is lunchtime. Some women love to host a ‘happy hour’ shower with plenty of cocktails at sunset while others prefer an earlier time to celebrate and enjoy hosting a brunch.

How many hours does a baby shower last?

How long are baby showers? A baby shower usually runs two to three hours, with the meal and opening of gifts taking up the bulk of the time.

How do I get more diapers for a baby shower?

Tip #4: Have a Diaper Raffle at your Baby Shower

Your guests bring a package of diapers in exchange for a raffle ticket. Everyone who brings diapers gets entered into the drawing to win the gift card. It’s easy, fun, and a great way to add even more diapers to your stockpile.