How do you recycle kids toys?

How do you recycle unwanted toys?

If your toys are in good working order you could donate them to a charity shop or a local church, toy library or playgroup. If your toys and games are beyond repair, it may still be possible to recycle some of the parts if you dismantle them.

Are plastic toys recyclable?

No, these types of ridged plastic items are not accepted in curbside recycling programs. However, they are often reusable.

What can I do with old broken plastic toys?

Donate to a Thrift Shop or Charity

If your plastic toys are in good condition, donate them to a thrift shop or charity. Second Chance Toys and Room to Grow will happily accept donations. Donation Town also picks up unwanted toys and then gives them to children in need.

Can you throw clothes in the garbage?

Never throw any clothing or fabric household items in the trash. Donate unwanted clothing to friends, charities, or thrift stores. Never donate wet or moldy items to charities or thrift stores. They will not clean or dry them, and they’ll end up in a landfill.

How do you dispose of plastic toys?

Check with your local program before putting broken plastic toys in your curbside blue bin. Children can go through their toys rapidly, making the trash bin a tempting way to remove all the clutter.

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