Frequent question: What gifts did the Three Kings bring to baby Jesus?

What did the 3 kings gift Jesus?

The wise men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh to the newborn king.

What gifts do the Three Kings bring to kids?

Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar travelled to present baby Jesus with three symbolic gifts, gold, frankincense and myrrh. They’re said to have ridden on a horse, a camel and an elephant.

Do the 3 Kings bring presents to children?

Children in Spanish Countries Receive Gifts on “Three Kings Day” In Spanish countries, the children do not receive gifts in December on Christmas day. Instead, the family exchanges gifts on January 6th of the new year on Three Kings Day – Día de Los Reyes Magos.

What myrrh means?

THERE ARE two traditions. The first, referred to in the carol ‘We Three Kings’, interprets the gifts as symbolising three aspects of Christ’s future life: gold representing kingship, frankincense (worship) and myrrh (death and mourning).

What gifts do we bring to Jesus?

Many people all over the world can’t wait to exchange gifts with their families this Christmas. The Bible says that when Jesus was born, three wise men brought him gold, frankincense, and myrrh as gifts.

What are three gifts?


  • All three gifts are ordinary offerings and gifts given to a king. …
  • The three gifts had a spiritual meaning: gold as a symbol of kingship on earth, frankincense (an incense) as a symbol of deity, and myrrh (an embalming oil) as a symbol of death.
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How do children send their letters to the 3 kings?

To make sure that their letters reach the Three Kings, children have to hand it to one of the Three Kings’ royal messengers, found milling around all Spanish town and city centres a few days before the big day. They’ll ask you how you’ve behaved throughout the year.

What is special about myrrh?

These compounds seem to work by preventing the body from making pro-inflammatory compounds, whilst they also exert antitumor effects in colorectal cancer cells. Atop its analgesic action, myrrh also seems to have anti-cancer properties.

What was myrrh used for in Bible?

Myrrh was an ingredient of Ketoret: the consecrated incense used in the First and Second Temples at Jerusalem, as described in the Hebrew Bible and Talmud. … Myrrh is also listed as an ingredient in the holy anointing oil used to anoint the tabernacle, high priests and kings.