Do babies need bath toys?

Are tub toys bad for babies?

Toys that have a hole in them can have a slimy blackish-green build-up inside! A 2018 study from Swiss researchers shows that soft plastic bath toys like rubber duckies are breeding grounds for mold, bacteria, and fungi — some of which can make kids sick.

Are bath toys sanitary?

Children’s bath toys are a cesspool of germs and mold. Even toys designed specifically for the bathtub have a tendency to mold. … Because we find moldy bath toys disgusting, we want to share a few tips to help keep bath toys sanitary.

How often should you replace bath toys?

The longer the mold remains on the toy, the more likely it will spread throughout the bath—and onto your child. “Because of this, bath toys should be cleaned out after every use and replaced every two to three months, depending on use,” says Bowen.

Do baths stimulate babies?

While a bath may make a newborn sleepy, it can have the opposite effect with babies 4 months and older. Often kids enjoy the bath so much it will stimulate them rather than calm them.

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